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Systemic Team Coaching

Addresses a systemic approach of coaching for the team's purpose and mission, while attending to the individual goals of each team member and all the stakeholders involved.

This approach to team coaching allows us to look at the full picture, and is highly effective since it has as focus the realtionships:

  • Within the team itself

  • Team members and their teams

  • Between all the stakeholders (their clients, other departments, the management team, etc) and the team

What we improve when we work with a team coach:

  • People's level of motivation in their current roles and career aspirations

  • The quality of the feedback offered and the improvement through the received feedback

  • The strength of relationships within the team, across teams and throughout

  • How people react and experience less stress, more excitement and appreciation

  • The effectiveness of the team dynamic, it's collaboration and cooperation

  • How people move in the right direction when it comes to their wellbeing. A happy employee is a productive employee.

Schedule a discovery session and let's find out together if this is the approach for your team.

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