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Călătorie în spațiul meu interior

Whether developing yourself as an individual, grow as a team or learn within a group, my goal is to help and guide YOU towards paving your own path, expand your mind and fulfil your goals and dreams.

Let's talk COACHING

Coaching is about YOU

...and the space where growth happens in which you work on more than just your goals. And it is all happening on your own terms, you decide what's on the agenda:


  • You get to learn more about yourself and explore what you truly want and what drives you towards it (what is meaningful and important)

  • Explore new perspectives, ideas & approaches that will support your growth

  • You get to bring the future in, explore how you want your future to look like and discover ways to make it happen... short, mid and long term

Is Coaching right for you?

Here are some scenarios I have encountered throughout the years, for which coaching has proven to be very effective:

​You are a manager looking to ​do more, be better for you and your team​​

  • Learn how to become an inspirational leader;

  • Put your strengths into daily practice, become aware of what you can improve and work on turning them into strengths.


There are changes in your organisation and you want to navigate them 

  • Explore how these changes might affect your role; 

  • Learn how to step up in this new position with ease and in a way that aligns to your values and principles.


You seek to lead a fulfilled and balanced life and want to create your own path

  • Explore your passions, values and dreams;

  • Learn to say no to some of the things that come your way and understand that by saying no to these things, you create space for yourself.


You feel you have too much on your plate and want to make things easier for yourself

  • Observe the barriers that come from overwhelming yourself;

  • Cultivate a habit of putting yourself and your wants first in a way that allows you to also take others into account.


Or you simply wish to find the next challenge in your life and/or career

  • Gain clarity on what it is that you truly want and what gives you purpose;

  • Start building wish list and the the first steps towards fulfilling it.


Coaching becomes a valuable tool towards results and actions when used also:

  • ​After a training or workshop, by helping you to turn learning into practice;

  • For implementing the feedback, advice or recommendations received in mentoring or consultancy;

  • When finding your own way of looking at the future during a healing process in therapy.


And the list goes on..


“I could consciously identify, gain clarity and address my personal and professional priorities and goals. I very much appreciated her natural style and her qualities as a coach. Her passion for coaching, her capacity to observe, active listening and her presence during our coaching sessions have led me to discovering my potential and my strength to reach my goals. I have learned very much about me as a person with Lia’s help. 
It has been a pleasure to have Lia as my coach and I wish her great success moving forward.”

Să vorbim despre dezvoltarea ta!

Programează o întâlnire de descoperire în care putem vorbi despre care este cea mai bună opțiune pentru dezvoltarea ta. 

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